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Rest assured when renting with Bnbkeys.
With Bnbkeys, your accommodation is in the hands of real estate and prestige concierge service experts. We have a management card in order to cover all our services. To free you of any rental-related restrictions, we only offer you a complete management of your accommodations. Thanks to your Bnbkeys customer area, you can also see keep your accommodation available by reserving some dates for yourself or your relatives, with just one click!


Our team is made up of real estate and concierge service experts. We are working with experimented and welcoming Openers in order to take care of the inventory of fixtures. Our check-ins and check-outs are also secured by the WeProof technology so that you can keep a visual record. Every city has its own Opener team.

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At Bnbkeys, we are fussy people. For each of your rentals, Bnbkeys makes sure that your tenants have a clean accommodation and perfect hygiene. We guarantee you hotel-quality house linen and free you of rotation-related restrictions. Bed linen is provided and the accommodation is cleaned at the end of each rental periods.

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To evaluate your income, it is very simple. Bnbkeys makes a free estimation of the profitability of your accommodation depending on the season and the events in your area. For an accurate and relevant estimate, our experts come to see your accommodation. If the estimation suits you, we take care of your accommodation and welcome your tenants.

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We only offer complete management of your accommodation to free you of ALL constraints related to short-term rentals. Global management is more advantageous for our customers because it allows us to guarantee a better knowledge of your property and bring you better results. We control the entire logistical chain from reservation requests to the departure of the travellers, and include housework and linen. Renting with Bnbkeys means zero constraint and great peace of mind.


Of course we are! English is an essential recruitment criterion for our Openers so that they can welcome English-speaking travellers. Our 24/7 concierge service is also fluent in English.
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Bnbkeys takes care of everything and creates a five-star ad. We take professional photographs of your accommodation, write the description in an attractive way, and broadcast your ad on all major booking platforms(Airbnb, TripAdvisor, Booking.com…) as well as on ours in order to boost your reservations.

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Quick and easy registration in just two clicks, without obligation or registration fee !  Leave us your contact information and one of our experts will contact you within 24 hours once your registration has been validated. Let us know about your needs and we can take over the management of your accommodation so you can save time and money!
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Being insured is naturally one of our top priorities! Bnbkeys provides rental property management and holds the professional management card in order to supply a reinforced financial guarantee.
We also have an insurance contract with Allianz to cover all our services for all types of accommodation

We take care of your property management

We offer the most competitive rates on the market: 15% commission including VAT. This includes all of our services, starting with the creation of your ad and the optimisation of your reservations, rental property management and the concierge service dedicated to your tenants. You will love it!


Another advantage of Bnbkeys is that you can keep your property available whenever you want! Thanks to your Bnbkeys customer area, you can, in a single click, book the dates when you wish to reserve your accommodation for yourself or your relatives. Everything is easier with Bnbkeys 🙂

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Bnbkeys is WITHOUT OBLIGATION or registration fee.
If you wish to stop using Bnbkeys services, you can do so freely at any time and without notice simply by sending an email to the following address: support@bnbkeys.com

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Bnbkeys addresses the needs of owners who wish to rent their principal, or secondary residence and even their boat. We accept any type of property, as long as it is either located and suitable for seasonal and short-term rentals (regulation, equipment, furniture). We free you of all constraints and make sure you optimise your income.
Rent in total peace of mind with Bnbkeys 🙂

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