Etats des lieux intelligents

Bnbkeys est heureux de vous annoncer son nouveau partenaire:  WeProov !!

Fini les etats des lieux avec Excel, WeProov nous apporte La solution et nous accompagne dans nos états des lieux d’entrée et de sortie avec une vue d’ensemble 2.0 !!

Afin de garantir 100% de sérénité à nos propriétaires, nous utilisons la technologie WeProov pour fournir une preuve visuelle et certifiée des etats des lieux avec nos voyageurs. Cela permet de sécuriser les procédures Check-in et Check-out, et d’assurer la confiance que nos clients ont dans nos prestations. Même à distance, vous avez une preuve visuelle avec Bnbkeys !

Etats des lieux innovants

Comment ça marche ? Avec WeProov, un rapport photos est envoyé après chaque check-in et check-out à nos propriétaires et voyageurs. L’utilisation de cette technologie est certifiée, rapide, efficace, géolocalisée et sécurisée.

Bref, c’est un réel gain de temps dans la gestion de nos locations courtes durées !

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Pour découvrir comment fonctionne WeProov:

New: Earn money with your boat on the dock

Bnbkeys is the first to offer you this service!

On average an owner uses his boat only 12 days a year but must pay the shipping and maintenance charges year round! A boat costs its owner about 10% of its purchase price each year!
bnbkeys brings you THE solution to recoup your costs by offering you the opportunity to rent your boat at night and docked.
Suggest that the travelers stay in a dream setting in complete tranquility. Travelers can now stay in an exceptional and atypical setting. The ports are located in the city centers, surrounded by shops, restaurants and all the amenities and infrastructure of the city.

The team of bnbkeys  is not a team of  freshwater sailors, knows the complexity and the strict rules to respect on board. This is why, before each rental, will give training on the basic rules to abide on board such as in particular:

  • The use of sanitary facilities
  • The importance of knowing the direction of the wind to avoid any disappointments
  • Not to pronounce the word “rabbit” but to use the term “cousin du havre”
  • Do not give in to the singing of sirens
  • Use shoes with white soles, avoid heels
  • And many other rules

A very advantageous practice ..

Why ?

  • Boost your income while the boat remains at the dock
  • The guarantee of a boat always well maintained
  • Bnbkeys  at the seabed and will take the time to explain all the rules of use and safety

What we propose:

 A 2.0 à la carte concierge service offering:

  • A check-in from the boat at the arrival of customers with the WeProov  technology
  • A service of cleaning and maintenance of the boat
  • A hire of sheets
  • A check-out of the boat at the end of the stay, always thanks to the WeProov technology

Property management

  • Creating Your Ad
  • Taking pictures
  • Manage your reservations
  • Tenant selection

Bnbkeys takes care of everything!