What should you know before you embark on short term rentals?

If you want to know the administrative steps before to put your property to the short term rental, we hope that this article will answer your questions!
The seasonal rental or short duration can be very beneficial according to the location of your property. Of course, certain steps are necessary in order to be rule with the Act.
You will find below a summary of the administrative steps required prior to put your property to the rental short duration.
The administrative steps for rentals short durations
First of all, we prefer you specify that this article is directed to those wishing to develop Lease a furnished with Tourism, namely rent a furnished accommodation repeatedly for rentals of short durations effects the rentals of furnished tourism. If you want to put your property for rent on Airbnb, TripAdvisor, HomeAway,… This article is made for you!
Then what is a furnished in tourism? It is an individual accommodation of type studio, apartment or villa, rented for small periods: at the day, the week or the month (maximum 90 days for a rental).
A furnished with tourism must meet certain conditions and be equipped, namely:
– a bedding (bed or sofa-bed)
– furniture
– a fully equipped kitchen (heating plate/gas stove, utensils, fridge…)
– a shower or bath
before you start in any approach, the first point to clarify concerns you’re the category of your housing. Is this you want to put in short term rental your main residence, or your secondary residence?
The distinction is very simple: your principal residence must be occupied at least 8 months in the year (except professional), and the reverse your principal residence must be occupied less of 4 months on a year.
A principal residence can be rented to the maximum 120 days in the year while a secondary residence has No Limit in term of the lease.
Secondly, a small pre-audit will serve you well before you begin. This is the regulation of your co-ownership: authorizes-t he rentals of furnished tourism? In general, the regulations of all condos are open to this type of rental with the exception of buildings of a very high standard to residential use bourgeois exclusively.
Let me now turn to the approaches once these points clarified.

1) declare its housing in town hall (CERFA declaration )

This step is mandatory for secondary residences and the will be for principal residences from 1 and October 2017.
In order to rent you’re furnished with tourism, you must previously declare at the town hall of the municipality where the housing in question is located. You will find this statement on the following link:
You have the obligation to file this declaration cerfa n°14004*02 if you want to rent your accommodation.
For a reminder, under the provisions of Articles324-1-1 and D.324-1-1 of the Code of tourism, this declaration is a formality required prior to the implementation rental of the property. The non-compliance with this obligation is liable to the penalties of the fine provided for contraventions of 3ND CLASS (450 euros).

2) Have an insurance which complies with the seasonal rentals/short durations

This step is paramount! Verify that your home insurance covers well the rentals of short durations or seasonal rentals. In the case of injury, your insurance covers your property and what it contains what is essential if the problems or damage occur.

3) Collect the tax of the stay and the return to the municipality concerned

You have the responsibility and the obligation as web host to collect this tax from your tenants and the reverse quarterly to the municipality concerned. This tax is calculated by per

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